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No matter where you are in the business world or your career, there is one skill that you must have! That skill is accounting. Now, I can hear the sighs and groans, but hear me out. Trust me; I’ve been there and still am to a certain extent. However, I was once turned down for more jobs than I can count because I didn’t have this all important skill. I’ve even seen small businesses and major corporations fail because their owners didn’t understand it. Therefore, it’s time to learn accounting today!

Fortunately, we have you covered! As you know, H Cap Consulting 360 is all about helping you acquire new skills and learn side hustle ideas; particularly investing. And in case you didn’t yet know this, one of the greatest investments you can make is in yourself. That’s exactly right! Investing in yourself is one of the greatest investments you can make!

Therefore, one great way to invest in yourself is to take the time to learn the all important skill of accounting (even if it is boring)? Fortunately for you, we can teach you a semester’s worth of accounting in 4 hours; and we also have a best-selling eBook that can be yours for less than the price of a coke! Don’t worry; both the class and eBook are engaging, exciting, fun, and are not delivered in the traditional and boring jargon that makes learning accounting so painful and miserable!

The Art of Learning Accounting; Hot new class on Udemy

Why learning accounting is important:

I’ll be the first to admit that accounting isn’t the most exciting subject. In fact, I find it downright boring at times. However, as a CPA and college lecturer of accounting, learning this all important skill has certainly helped me get ahead in my career. All of the founders of H Cap Consulting 360 would agree with this as well by the way.

You see, right out of college, I had never taken an accounting class. I had no interest in accounting. In fact, I thought accountants were a bunch of nerds with pocket protectors who sat in cubicles crunching numbers all day (some do exactly this). In fact, if you would have told me when I was in college I would one day be a CPA, I would have told you that you were nuts!

Nevertheless, when I graduated, I applied to hundreds of business-related jobs. Every time, I was turned down mostly because I didn’t know anything about accounting. Therefore, I decided to act. Two graduate degrees later along with a CPA and CFE license, I’ve actually come to appreciate what this skill has done for me. For one thing, knowing accounting helped me hit 6 figures a year before I turned 30! I want to pass this knowledge along to you.

How H Cap Consulting 360 can help you learn accounting

I’ve taught college accounting for 7 years. I do this because I want to help people learn this all important skill, get ahead in their careers, make more money, and have a better life. I’m successful at teaching accounting because I explain it in an engaging way that cuts down on the confusion and boredom. In other words, I don’t teach accounting in the traditional confusing method. I make it fun; well, at least as fun as accounting can possibly be!

Here’s how H Cap Consulting 360 is committed to helping you learn accounting:

1.) Check out our best-selling eBook titled “Don’t Be Afraid of Accounting.” This book is an Amazon Kindle best-seller that has helped thousands learn the basics of accounting. For less than the price of a coke, this book can be yours. By the way, it’s also available in paperback. Go ahead and check it out!

2.) Check out our course on Udemy titled “The Art of Learning Accounting and Achieving Greater Success!” This course is over 4 hours long and will teach you the basics of, and a semester’s worth of accounting. If you took my class at the university level, it would cost you over $1,000! Here, it’s yours for $20 or less. Don’t miss this great deal!

Learn Accounting Today

Again, even though accounting is often not the most exciting subject, acquiring this skill will give you an understanding of the underpinnings of a business. Furthermore, knowing accounting will help you understand how to keep track of transactions and know how much money you have, how much money you have coming in, and how much money is going out. More importantly, knowing accounting will give you an indication of where your money is going and who it’s going to. While this is imperative for the business world, it’s also imperative for your personal financial situation too!

No matter what you want to do in your career or your life, you need to have an understanding of accounting. Remember to invest in yourself. You are your most valuable asset! Therefore, acquire this new skill of accounting that can help put you on your way to greater success!

The road to acquiring new skills, learning new side hustle ideas, and making additional income includes learning accounting. Further, the road to financial freedom begins with an understanding of accounting! Don’t miss out; learn accounting today!

Don’t forget to check out “The Art of Learning Accounting and Achieving Greater Success!” Also, get your copy of our BEST SELLER and learn accounting today!

Learn Accounting Today acquire new skills
Acquire New Skills, Learn Accounting

Let’s all retire early together!

The H Cap Consulting 360 Team

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